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Cactus Wren & AZ Saguaro Cactus

9x14 Oil on Cedar


As Arizona's state bird, the cactus wren is endemic to the deserts of southwestern US and north and central Mexico. He is the largest wren in the US and has been referred to as "a large chunky bird with long heavy beak". He and his mate look alike. He acts like other birds when he hides, but he does it in any prickly vegetation.  He doesn't cock his tail up like the Carolina wren. Instead he fans his tail feathers and flashes his white tail tips.  His song is unique and sounds like a car that just won't start and can carry over 1,000 feet.  He uses this call to attract and communicate with a female, but primarily to warn of potential intruders.

Cactus Wren & AZ Saguaro Cactus

SKU: 20-0121
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