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Great Gray Owl

2020 Christmasville Limited Edition - 8x7 Oil on Walnut


The North Hemisphere's largest owl, the great gray has a distinctive large flat face which helps channel sound to his ear. Those circular feathers on the face are spread to expose a larger bill when he attacks prey or fights to protect his nest.  These owls have been known to fend off large animals like black bears.  Great gray owls don't build nests... not even to repair or extend one with additional material.  They use old raptor nests or even nests built by squirrels and some have used clumps of mistletoe. Pairs are generally formed only for one breeding season and produce chicks from 2-5 eggs in 28-29 days.  They live in coniferous forests, but at night, they glide low over open areas with quiet wingbeats listening and looking for prey.  They have fluffy dense feathers to make this flight silent, but they also insulate from cold weather.

Great Gray Owl

SKU: 20-0125
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