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Mandarin Duck

11x10 Oil on Walnut


Although the mandarin duck is an East Asian duck, he is closely related to the North American wood duck - notice the females of both.  In the 20th century, a large feral population of mandarin ducks was established in Great Britain and more recently small numbers have been bred in Ireland, especially in the parks of Dublin.  In the wild these ducks breed in densely wooded area near shallow lakes, marshes or ponds.  they nest in tree cavities.  Shortly after the duckling hatch, their mother flies to the ground and coaxes the ducklings to leap from the nest.  after all are out of the tree, they follow their mother to a nearby body of water.  In Chinese culture mandarin ducks re regarded as a symbol of conjugal affection and fidelity and are frequently featured in Chinese art.

Mandarin Duck

SKU: 20-0101
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