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Trio of Snowy Owls

2020 Christmasville Limited Edition - 9x14 Oil on Cedar Cut on Bias


Made famous by Harry Potter as living in England, the large snowy owl lives far north in the Artic regions.  This nomadic bird rarely breeds in the same location or with the same mate and if prey is not available, doesn't breed at all.  The nests are typically on the tundra with a large clutch of eggs, often from 5 to 11.  Like most owls, he sleeps during the day and is active at night.  Before the juvenile has the ability to sleep while on his feet, he lies on stomach with head to the side.  As the male gets older, his plumage becomes almost entirely whiter and essentially has no predators.

Trio of Snowy Owls

SKU: 20-0006
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